Lexi + Kylie

Springtime F-U-N!

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with the funniest sweetest girls! Lexi and Kylie were such sweet sisters who made the shoot so spontaneous and genuinely fun! We got some hilarious shots from “tada” moments, to twirls, and even a full on “Let it Go” music session with Kylie! Enjoy our session!

ย IMG_4047IMG_4051IMG_4056IMG_4066IMG_4071IMG_4075IMG_4079IMG_4085IMG_4086IMG_4088IMG_4090IMG_4091IMG_4095IMG_4097IMG_4103IMG_4106IMG_4111IMG_4112IMG_4116IMG_4093IMG_4120IMG_4122IMG_4152IMG_4153IMG_4162IMG_4163IMG_4168IMG_4170IMG_4174IMG_4187IMG_4204IMG_4199IMG_4197IMG_4196IMG_4191IMG_4188IMG_4210IMG_4211IMG_4230IMG_4241IMG_4245IMG_4258IMG_4268IMG_4271IMG_4272IMG_4281IMG_4292IMG_4282IMG_4298IMG_4302IMG_4304IMG_4308IMG_4353IMG_4356IMG_4358IMG_4367IMG_4373IMG_4378IMG_4381IMG_4386

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