Valiant Clothing Brand

We Are Valiant clothing brand was developed by Teaghan Everette and it derives from an awesome core message, “Why am I here?” – he decided to start a brand that would benefit struggling youth in the foster care system. We spent an afternoon downtown Houston taking some amazing shots with the buildings as our backdrops.

Learn more about their story and shop online! Enjoy friends!

IMG_1770 2IMG_1771 2IMG_1772 2IMG_1773 2IMG_1774 2IMG_1775 2IMG_1776 2IMG_1777 2IMG_1778 2IMG_1779 2IMG_1780 2IMG_1781 2IMG_1782 2IMG_1783 2IMG_1784 2IMG_1785 2IMG_1786 2IMG_1787 2IMG_1788 2IMG_1789 2IMG_1790 2IMG_1791 2IMG_1792 2IMG_1793 2IMG_1794 2IMG_1795 2IMG_1796 2IMG_1797 2IMG_1798 2IMG_1799 2IMG_1800 2IMG_1801 2IMG_1802 2IMG_1803 2IMG_1804 2IMG_1805 2IMG_1806 2IMG_1807 2IMG_1808 2IMG_1809 2IMG_1810 2IMG_1811 2IMG_1812 2IMG_1813 2IMG_1814 2IMG_1815 2IMG_1816 2IMG_1817 2IMG_1818 2IMG_1819 2IMG_1820 2IMG_1821 2IMG_1822 2IMG_1823 2IMG_1824 2IMG_1825 2IMG_1826 2IMG_1827 2


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